incident update

Realtime status board: (maybe 20 minutes latency)

Telegram channel has been deprecated.

Any incident about 4 important services would be reported here immediately:,,,

Scheduled maintenance

  • Sep 16, 16:00 - 18:00 UTC
Hi everyone,

As per the notification from upstream operator, and
will be down for maintenance at 2021-09-16 04:00:00 PM UTC.

An two-hour window is allocated, however, the actual downtime should be around 40 minutes.

email service including IMAP, SMTP, POP3 clients, and all urls under*,*,*,* would also
be unavailable.

Please be aware of the downtime. Thanks for your attention.

News in the last month

  • Aug 29, is marked as down on the status board. It's a false alarm. I'll fix the monitor script soon.

  • Aug 20, 09:20 - 09:36 UTC,, is down, because of an unexpected failure while upgrading Azure machine size. Resolved at 09:36 UTC.

  • Apr 5 - Apr 6,, is down, because of Azure billing issue. Resolved at 06:00 UTC, Apr 6.