Cheapest way to play battlefield 2042: Crack 10-hours trial

Do you want to play battlefield 2042 for about 3 months for 1 dollar? Follow the steps:

1 - Buy xbox game pass

you can create a new microsoft account, and buy the 3 month xbox game pass for 1 dollar. This is some guide: (you can also find many many other guide, just do a google)

You can also buy an account on taobao for 5-9 Chinese yuan. This is an example: (you can find many many other sellers, just do a search)

2 - Install xbox, EA desktop, and bf2042

Just do it normally

3 - Install time freezer

You can download my prebuilt binary here:

If you don't trust me, you can also build from source. This tool is very very small:

4 - How to launch the game without costing trial time

  1. Launch bf2042 and start the game
  2. Join a round
  3. Execute timeFreezer.exe, now your system time freezes.
  4. Enjoy your game
  5. When this round ends, the game will crash while trying to join the next round. Now, do not do anything else. reboot windows after the crash.
  6. goto 1