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Hello world!

Protect our flat Internet and fight against the FUCKING GFW! Enable DNS over TLS

P.R.China government polluted the domain '' at 2019-08-29 09:40:00 UTC. Now, you're not supported by ANYMORE if:
1. You're using P.R.China DNS service (except HongKong).
2. OR you're using a good DNS service in P.R.China with PLAIN TCP or UDP. Please use DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS if you're in P.R.China. (except HongKong)
You're still supported if you're in Hong Kong, and will be always supported if you're in R.O.China(Taiwan).

Update: You can always alter '' with ''. For example, to, [email protected] to [email protected], to, to, to They share all user info.
CPC will NEVER win the war! Human want free Internet.

Note 1: shows link in by default. You can modify it as your will.
Note 2: You must always use '' if possible. The workaround '' may have glitches in and

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int main(){write(1,"Meow~\n",6);}